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Leewood New Jersey ("LeewoodNJ") is the brand name for a family of independent companies which have been bringing quality affordable and enjoyable new home ownership to New Jerseyans in neighborhood communities in various municipalities. Formerly part of the Leewood Real Estate Group brand, LeewoodNJ now operates separately.

LeewoodNJ is a fully integrated enterprise providing land acquisition and development, design, construction, marketing, sales and warranty service for all of its homeownership projects. LeewoodNJ has particular expertise in redeveloping urban, ex-urban, and suburban communities that are looking to kick-start their rebirth. Whether the challenge is residential and commercial blight and decay, crime and debris, or environmental obstacles. LeewoodNJ has the experience, the ability and the track record to create new and vibrant communities that thrive at every level.

Recognizing the strength in community building and cooperation, LeewoodNJ routinely partners with community and faith-based organizations to assure that our developments not only meet the needs of our homeowners, but also are considerate of the expectations of the surrounding community.

Although LeewoodNJ's primary focus and special expertise is in the development of workforce housing throughout NJ, LeewoodNJ also develops market rate and luxury communities and mixed-use projects when the market is conducive. As a dedicated Redeveloper, LeewoodNJ's portfolio includes both urban and ex-urban developments

Chief Executive Officer
Michael R. Fink
Leewood NJ CEO Michael R. Fink, a second generation home builder and developer, oversees all aspects of the New Jersey independent companies under the Leewood NJ brand. Michael received the New Jersey Builder of the Year award in 1994 as well as numerous other awards for quality warranty service, development and home design. He is a past president of the New Jersey Builders Association ("NJBA") and a past National Vice-President of the National Association of Home Builders ("NAHB"). He currently serves on the Executive Committee of NJBA and the Executive Board of NAHB, and has a depth of experience in housing policy issues in NJ and on a national level. Michael's commitment to the highest standards of quality is the driving force behind Leewood NJ's relentless pursuit of excellence in its communities and service to and respect for its homebuyers.
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Founding Advisor
R. Randy Lee
The Leewood Real Estate Group of companies was founded in New York in 1967 by workforce housing pioneer R. Randy Lee, Esq. As a lawyer, developer, and builder, Mr. Lee has delivered more than 5,000 affordable and market rate homes throughout New York City Metropolitan area. Mr. Lee's professional commitment to client satisfaction, construction quality, and product value has earned the Leewood brand a hard-won reputation as one of the Metropolitan area's most outstanding builder/developers.

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