Leewood NJ
  128 South Warren Street
Trenton, NJ 08608
Corporate: (609) 695-1556
Sales: (609) 695-3300
Fax: (609) 695-3331


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A few comments from some of the many satisfied Leewood home owners.  Visit our Available Homes page or contact our sales office today at 609.695.3300 x101 to see how you can own your own Leewood home!

“Dealing with the Leewood team in this whole home-buying experience has been very pleasant.”
“Being young, just 23, and not really knowing the procedures of buying a home, Leewood sat me down and really explained it all to me.”
“I actually had to put more money down on my car than I put on my new house.  That is just amazing.”
“It is cheaper having this house.  My bills are one half what I was paying in rent.”
“My utility bills were out of control because the house I lived in wasn’t made very well.  In my new Leewood home, my utility bills are $30 or $40 per month compared to $80 or $90 when I was renting.”
“To be able to move back into the neighborhood I grew up in and be across the street from the school I went to as a kid is a wonderful experience.”
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